Using Ontraport as Your Payment Gateway

To integrate your Zippy Courses site with Ontraport, follow these steps:

Retreive your Ontraport Account Information

  1. Retrieve your App ID and API Key from Ontraport. You can find these by logging in to Ontraport and clicking on Administration.
  2. Under Integrations, select Ontraport API Instructions and Key Manager
  3. Copy your API Key Information. If you haven't already created an API key, select New API Key. Ontraport may take up to 48 hours to generate a new API Key.

Enter Ontraport Information Intro Zippy Courses

  1. In Zippy Courses, enter your Ontraport API Key Information under Zippy Courses → Settings → Payment → Ontraport.
  2. Under Zippy Courses → Settings → Payment → General in your admin, set the gateway to Ontraport.

Create Your Products and Tags

  1. Create your products in Ontraport 
  2. Create the tags that are assigned for them during purchase and removed during refund.
  3. Create a Smart Order Form in Ontraport that sells that product.
  4. Set the Thank You URL of your Order Form to the URL of your Thank You page on your site (needs to be the same that is set under the Zippy Courses -> Settings -> Core Pages) 
  5. Under the "Successful Payments", add a rule that adds a student to your successful purchase tag
  6. Check the "Pass CGI variables to Landing/Thank you page" checkbox.
  7. Once the form is complete and published, copy the Form link. You will need this in order to complete a purchase in Zippy Courses.

Add Ontraport Product to Zippy Courses

  1. Back in Zippy Courses, select the Products tab, and create a new product.
  2. Enter the pricing details, as well as the Ontraport details, near the bottom of the product page. 
  3. Make sure pricing here matches the Ontraport details. In the Ontraport section, add the Order Form URL, and select the Product and the Tag you've set up in Ontraport for this product.
  4. Save your Product.
  5. Either visit the Purchase URL of the Pricing Option (right below its title in Step 3), or the Order Form URL to make a purchase. The Purchase URL should auto-redirect to Ontraport for processing.