How to Promote and Sell your Courses Using the Zippy Courses Course Directory

When selling multiple online courses, you'll often want to easily showcase everything you have for sale to a prospective student. The Zippy Courses "Course Directory" page makes it easy to show off the individual courses you have for sale on your site. Students can see all of your listings, select the course that's interesting to them, read your public sales descriptions, and purchase the courses in just a few clicks.

By default, your Course directory page is set to the "Course Directory" in your WordPress Pages menu. You can rename this page to anything you would like, or select a different page by going to  Zippy Courses → Settings → Core Pages to select a different Course Directory Page.

You can leave this Course Directory Core Page blank - Zippy Courses will automatically add all of the content you need for your directory.

Adding a Product to your Course Directory

Building out your course directory starts by creating a Product. If you haven't already created your Product or Products and Zippy Courses, you can  start here.

To add your product to the course directory, first go to your Zippy Courses dashboard, and click Edit next to the course you want to add to your directory.

Under the Public Details tab, select the checkbox to Make this Course publicly visible and available in the Course Directory.

Once you've selected that option, several new boxes will appear:

The first box will be your  public course content. This is the content that will appear on your course's homepage any time someone visits the course homepage when they don't have access to your course. This is a great page to add a more detailed description of your course, and encourage students to purchase your product.

Next, you will see a box labeled  Products. This box will include all of the products that are being used to sell your course. To add a product to your directory, simply change the Include in Directory option from No, to Yes.

Finally, you can create a Course Description, which is a brief synopsis of what your course is about. Since this is meant to be a short description, we recommend a length of around 160 characters for this description. 

Once you're done editing this content, click  Update or Publish to make your course public. Now, your course and product will appear on your Course Directory page.

You can repeat those steps for any courses you would like to make public in Zippy Courses. If you ever want to make a course private again, simply uncheck the Make this Course publicly visible and available in the Course Directory option, and your course will automatically be hidden from your course directory.