Integrating with Infusionsoft

Note: This guide is for the Zippy Courses WordPress plugin. If you are using the Zippy Courses All-In-One Platform, check out this guide instead.

Zippy Courses can add students who purchase a course to Infusionsoft as contacts. For this, you’ll need to obtain your Infusionsoft API key.

Finding your Infusionsoft API details

Login to your Infusionsoft account. From the global navigation, proceed to Admin Settings. Then click on Application in the settings menu.

Scroll down to the API section to find your Encrypted Key. The key is a long string of letters and numbers.

If you have not yet enabled the API for your account, you can do so by entering a password in the API Passphrase field. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page, and an Encrypted Key will be generated for you.

Linking Zippy Courses with Infusionsoft for Emails

Login to your WordPress dashboard, and navigate to Zippy Courses → Settings→ Email List. Click on the Infusionsoft tab.

Enter the following settings:

Enabled: On

App ID: Your Infusionsoft account identifier, e.g.

App Key: The Encrypted Key from Infusionsoft

Click Save Changes to save your settings.

Add Students to your Infusionsoft tags

Navigate to the Zippy Courses screen, and click on the course you want to integrate with Infusionsoft. Click on the Email Lists tab that has been added to the course editor.

In the Infusionsoft options box, select the Tag that you want assigned to the student when added to Infusionsoft. Click the Update button to save the settings.

Now when a student signs up for a course, they will be added to Infusionsoft with the selected Tag. You can then create tailored campaigns in Infusionsoft based on this Tag.

Setting up Payment for a Course in Infusionsoft

  1. In the Zippy Courses -> Settings -> Payments -> General section of your WordPress administrator dashboard, set your payment method to Infusionsoft.
  2. Go to Zippy Courses -> Settings -> Payments -> Infusionsoft in your WordPress admin, and add your API to your payment settings.
  3. Create a product in Infusionsoft.
  4. Create an order form in Infusionsoft that uses that Infusionsoft product.
  5. In the Thank You page tab, set the URL of the Thank You page to Zippy Courses site's Thank You page. Also make sure that the form forwards the contact data to the Thank You page by clicking the checkbox on that tab of the order form.
  6. Copy your Order Form URL.
  7. Under the Products tab in Zippy Courses, click the Add New Product button to create a new product to sell.

  8. Under the Infusionsoft Details section of the Pricing Option details, paste your Order Form URL, and select the product from Infusionsoft that it should be paired with.
  9. Save your course.