Importing Your Zippy Courses Plugin Content into the Zippy Courses All-in-One Platform

So you're finally ready to make the jump from the Zippy Courses plugin to the Zippy Courses All-In-One Platform. As you probably already know, both the plugin and the All-In-One Platform are great options to build and sell your courses with tools and features to customize them however you want. What you might not know is that, with the All-In-One Platform, you don't need an existing website, a mailing list, or your own hosting. That's all taken care of. Simply sign up, and get building! We're also continuing to build the platform with new features and customizations so that you don't need to worry about integrating various plugins which may interfere with what you've built or about updating the plugin to ensure your students continue to enjoy a smooth experience.

Export Your Content

To start, log in to your WordPress site, hover your mouse over the Zippy Courses tab, and click Import/Export. From there, click the Export tab, and click the tab.

We recommend reading through all of the steps on this page before proceeding, as it has some useful information on the process.

Be aware, some data cannot be moved between the Zippy Courses plugin and the All-In-One Platform, such as student passwords and bundled products. You will receive notifications on this page regarding settings your site utilizes and that are relevant to you.

Because bundled products are not yet supported by the All-In-One Platform, bundled products and any orders of those products will not transfer. You'll need to either manually grant your students access to the courses these products grant access to after the import or adjust the products so that they are no longer bundled products (by going to Products, locating and clicking on the product you need to change, and unselecting " Include multiple courses and tiers in this product") before the import.

Once you've read through the page, click the Download Export File button, and a prompt will appear to save the file. Click OK.

Import Your Content

Once your export file has downloaded, you can upload it by logging into your site, clicking on Settings, and clicking the Import Content tab. This page runs you through the import process. Read it over, and click the Begin Import button.

Step 1 walks you through how to export your data from your plugin site. We've already done that, so we're a step ahead! Click the Continue button to move on to Step 2.

On this page, you're uploading the import file we got from your plugin site. Drag and drop the zippy-courses.json file into the designated area or click the Click To Upload link and locate and select the import file.

Under the designated file upload section, you’ll notice several checkboxes. Uncheck any box that corresponds to any data that you do not want to import. If you wish to import all your Zippy Courses data, do not uncheck any boxes.

Once the file uploads, the Upload File button will change to a Continue button. Click it. Please note that this import can take several minutes depending on the size of your plugin site. Do not navigate away from the import page while your file is uploading.

Once that completes, you'll be brought to Step 3, reviewing your imported content. This page will show you a breakdown of all content that was imported as well as any issues that may have occurred during the import.

You'll also have the chance to check your imported students, orders, and settings to confirm that everything imported correctly. When you're satisfied, click Continue.

Finally, Step 4: Notifying your students. This is how you can let your students know that your site has moved to a new domain and that their password has changed (Note: To keep your students' information private, we do not export their passwords). We’ve written an email for you to use on this page, but you can customize it as you like before sending it out. Once you’re ready to send it, click the Send Email button.

If you don’t want to send this email, click Don’t Send Email. Please be aware, however, that you will not have a second chance to send this email. If you do not send this notification now, we strongly recommend notifying your students of the switch via your email integration.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully imported your Zippy Courses plugin data to the All-In-One Platform. If you haven't already, make sure that the email and payment integrations you were using on your WordPress plugin site have been activated on your new site. There are handy links on this page that will bring you directly to where you need to go on your site to set that up. You can also click View My Courses to view your newly imported courses.

Please note: The final phase of the import is transferring your files (e.g. PDFs, images, etc.). This process will begin automatically after you send (or don’t send) the notification email. If you're importing a large number of files, this process may take several minutes. You can safely navigate away from this page during this process and view the current status of the import at any time from your dashboard.