How to Create a Landing Page Using the Social Triggers Theme

If you're creating a mini-course or a free giveaway to attract an audience, you want to make it simple for students to sign up for your course. Zippy Courses is designed to make this process as smooth as possible for new students, and the Social Triggers landing page template makes the process even simpler.

The Social Triggers theme comes with a unique template for creating Course Registration or Email List opt-in landing pages. This feature allows you to easily create tailored pages to prompt visitors to signup to courses or opt-in to your email list as a lead generation strategy. Let’s have a look at how to use this feature.

The first step is to create a new page in WordPress. When logged into your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Pages, and select Add New.

The content of this page will appear on the left-hand side of your landing page. To let your students use your landing page, you will first have to set the correct WordPress template. On the right of the screen you’ll see an options panel labelled Page Attributes. Select Landing Page from the Template dropdown menu.

Once you select this, a new options box for Landing Page Details will appear below the page's normal content box. This box is where you'll select which course a student can register for using your landing page.

Course Registration Landing Page

The first option in the Landing Page Details panel is the Landing Page Type. The Landing Page Type option defaults to Product, which allows visitors to register for a course instantly. This is a great way to offer free access to mini-courses as part of a list-building strategy.

Note: This landing page option will skip your payment processor, even if you select a paid course. Make sure you are comfortable offering your course or tier for free before using the landing page template.

After selecting the Landing Page Type, choose the product that this page is for in the Product Settings dropdown menu. Finally you can customize the text that appears on the form for both visitors and students.

Publish or Update the page to save your changes.

When the visitor completes the form on this page, they are immediately signed up as students for the mini-course which can contain up-sells to other courses. You can also integrate the course with your email list, so that students are added to your list where you can nurture them as a lead to eventually purchase your other courses.

Email List Landing Page

The other Landing Page Type is the Email List option. This option subscribes the visitor to your list immediately. You can then deliver a free report or email course and nurture them as leads to eventually purchase your other courses.

When you select the Email List option as the Landing Page Type, you will be prompted to select your email Service and List that the lead should be subscribed to.

You can also supply an optional Thank You Page URL that the lead will be sent to after completing the form on the landing page. Use the Thank You Page to remind leads to whitelist your email address or deliver a free download.