How to Create a Quiz with Zippy Courses

When you’re creating a course, you want to make sure your students are paying attention. Students can be their own worst enemies; they might skim through your early lessons and get frustrated at later lessons, simply because they never grasped the basics!

A good way to make sure your students are processing and retaining your content is to include a quiz. When you include a quiz, it forces a student to stop and think about what they learned. If they misunderstood a basic concept, quizzes can gently encourage them to review the previous lesson and figure out what they missed.

Zippy Courses’s Quiz feature helps you test your students’ understanding of your courses by adding multiple choice questions. You can even require that students complete the Quiz before they can move on to the next lesson.

Create a Quiz

Create a Quiz by navigating to Zippy Courses → Quizzes. 

Then, click the Add New button. 

Enter the name of the Quiz and then add questions by clicking the New Question button.

Enter the question in the title field, and then enter the choices in the fields below. New answer fields are automatically added when you type in an answer.

Click the circular radio button to mark the answer as the correct answer. Drag the questions to re-order them. Finally, click Publish or Update to save the Quiz.

Assign Quizzes to Lessons

Proceed to the course editor ( Zippy Courses → Edit →  Units & Lessons). Find the lesson you want to assign the Quiz to and click the Quiz button to reveal the Quiz options.

Select the Quiz to add the quiz to your lesson. You can also set too additional options for your quiz:

  • Required: This setting requires that a student complete your quiz before proceeding on to the next lesson.
  • Required Passing Grade: Select this option to set a minimum passing percentage for your quiz. If a student does not meet the minimum percentage, they will be prompted to re-take the quiz until they pass. 

When you're done, update the Course to save your changes.

What Students See

Lessons that have Quizzes assigned to them will display a Take the Quiz button. Students can click the button to begin the quiz, and will then be presented with the questions and answer choices. Clicking on an answer will reveal a Next Question button to allow the student to progress forward.

At the end of the quiz, the student will be able to review and change their answers. Finally, they can submit the quiz and view their results.

Viewing Quiz Stats

Site admins can see how well students are doing on the Quizzes on the Zippy Courses → Analytics screen, on the Quiz Submissions tab. You’ll see an overview of recent results and you can drill down to each Quiz to view response breakdowns. This helps to guide you to fine tune your course content.

With that information in mind, try to think of ways you could integrate quizzes into your course. Quizzes are a great way to increase engagement with your students, and build a more memorable course that keeps your students coming back for more.

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