Getting Started with the Social Triggers Theme

The Social Triggers theme is a premium WordPress theme for those who want more options for their courses. This theme is a part of the Zippy Courses Deluxe Package.

Note: This tutorial assumes you have already downloaded and installed the Zippy courses plugin. If you haven't done that yet, then refer to the How Do I Install the Zippy Courses Plugin tutorial.

Download the Theme

After purchasing Zippy Courses, log in to, and select View Details and Downloads, under Purchase History. Scroll down to Products, and click on the zippy-social-triggers hyperlink, under Social Triggers Theme for Zippy Courses.

Install the Theme in WordPress

Once the download is finished, log in to your WordPress site, hover your mouse over the Appearance tab, and click on Themes.

Select Add New from the top of the themes page. From there, select the Upload Theme link.

Click on Browse..., and select the file you downloaded earlier. Then select Install Now.

After a couple of minutes, you will receive a confirmation message from WordPress saying “Theme installed successfully.”

Activate the Theme

You can select Activate to turn the theme on right away, or select Live Preview to see how your site looks with the new theme and customize your site before activating the theme.

From the Live Preview screen, you can save your changes by selecting Save & ActivateLearn more about customizing your theme.