Customizing Your Social Triggers Theme

The Social Triggers theme includes a variety of customization options that can help make your Zippy Courses pages unique. To access these options, hover your mouse over the Appearance tab in your WordPress admin menu, and click Customize.

Adding Your Logo

Adding a logo to your site is a great way to increase brand awareness for you and your company. To add a logo to your site pages, select Logos from the theme customization page.

There are three places you can add your logo to the Social Triggers theme:

  • Header - This is the main header image that appears at the top of every page of your site.
  • Login Page - The header for your dedicated login page (when that page is assigned the “Login Page” template).
  • Menu - A smaller version of your logo that appears in the top left corner of your site pages (on the same level that your top menu would be).

Select the logo you wish to change or add, and either press Select Image or, if an image has already been added, select Remove or Change Image.

Uploading an Image

You can choose an existing image from your media library or select “Upload Files” to add a new image.

Image Size Constraints

For best results, you will want to keep your images to the following sizes:

  • Header and Login Page: No wider than 600 pixels; 400-600 pixels recommended.
  • Menu: About 40-50 pixels tall; up to 400 pixels wide.

Once your image has been uploaded, select Choose Image from the bottom right corner.

Once you’re done editing your logos, select Publish to save your changes.

Creating Custom Layouts

Every page on your site can support the following features:

  • A sidebar (which you can add widgets to in order to improve course navigation, display course progression, etc.)
  • A header image
  • A top menu (which allows you to create tabs linking your users to popular pages, aiding in site navigation)
  • A footer (which also supports widgets)

By default, these features are enabled, but you can remove them from specific pages by selecting Layout in the Theme Customizer and selecting which type of page to customize.

For example, you can choose to hide the sidebar and header on all quiz pages by clicking Quizzes. This will only affect quiz pages, while keeping your layout intact for all other types of pages.

Adding or Removing Widgets

Widgets let you show special pieces of information on a page's sidebar or footer. The Social Triggers theme includes support for sidebar widgets, as well as left, middle, and right footer widgets.

To add a widget to a site page, click on Widgets (Alternatively, you can manage your widgets by hovering your mouse over the Appearance tab in your WordPress admin menu and clicking Widgets).

Select the location where you’d like the widget to appear (i.e. Primary Sidebar, Footer Left, Footer Middle, or Footer Right), and select Add a Widget.

Then, select the widgets you would like to include. Special Zippy Courses widgets are tagged with a Zippy Courses label.

Once you have entered and finished editing your widgets, click on Publish, and all of your changes will appear on your Zippy Courses page.

Customizing Colors

The color scheme of the Social Triggers theme is heavily customizable. Select Colors & Backgrounds on the theme customization page in order to see all of the options you can edit. This includes the colors of backgrounds, text, links, buttons, and more.

Your changes will appear live in the preview window of the theme customizer, so you can adjust colors without affecting your public-facing website. Once you are satisfied with your changes, select Publish to update your theme.

Theme Options

Theme options are a variety of theme-specific tweaks and adjustments you can make to your theme. To learn more about these, check out the Editing Theme Options for the Social Triggers Theme support guide.

Static Front Page

This option lets you decide whether your site's home page is a series of posts (such as your blog) or a static page, such as a landing page or your Course Directory. By default, your Home page in WordPress is selected, but you can change this to a separate page on your site, if you would like.

To adjust this setting, click on the Homepage Settings tab. You can also change this setting under Settings > Reading in WordPress.