Editing Theme Options for the Social Triggers Theme

The Social Triggers theme supports several customizations and features not offered by the Zippy Courses theme that allow Deluxe users to personalize their site even further. To find them, hover your mouse over the Appearance tab in your WordPress admin menu, click Customize, and click on Theme Options.

Landing Page

Sometimes, people will find their way to your login page without being familiar with your product. In this case, you'll likely want to send these people to your landing page, so that they can learn more about your course.

The Landing Page Info URL allows you to drop a link onto your login page. Doing so will add some text like the one in the image below:

Where “Click here to find out more” links to your landing page URL.

To add such a link to your login page, click the Landing Page option, and enter the URL of your landing page into the Info URL field.


A favicon is the small image that appears in your browser tabs next to your page’s title. Most browsers will also use the favicon as a bookmark icon.

To easily add a favicon, click on the Favicon tab, click Select file, and upload an appropriate image or select one from your media library.

Favicon Size Constraints:

  • Favicons must either be 16x16 pixels or 32x32 pixels.
  • Favicons must be saved as a .ico file to function properly.


With WordPress, you can grant your users the option to post comments on any of your site pages. This includes your course pages, such as unit and lesson pages. To edit these settings, go to Settings in your WordPress admin menu, and click Discussion.

WordPress offers a lot of customization regarding comments. If you'd like to use comments in general across your site but you don't want students commenting on your course pages, you can disable comments on a page by page basis by going to the page, scrolling down to the Discussion panel, and unchecking the Allow comments checkbox.

The Social Triggers theme allows you to set a custom title for your comments panel. By default, it reads "Leave a Reply" (as seen in the screenshot above). To change that, click the Comments tab, and enter your new title into the Title field.

Course Navigation and Completion

The Course Navigation and Completion tab contains several settings to help you improve navigation within your courses.

Show Breadcrumbs

When enabled, breadcrumbs shows a trail of how you ended up on the page you're currently viewing at the bottom of your header image. Here's an example:

This is a lesson page. As you can see, the course the student is in is called Learn the Basics of Zippy Courses, the unit they're in is called Step 1: The Installing Zippy Courses and Creating your First Course, and the lesson is called Installing the Zippy Courses Plugin. Each title is a hyperlink, so the student can click any of them to visit that page.

To enable this, set Show Breadcrumbs to Yes.

Show Unit Navigation

By default, the Social Triggers theme displays a menu of all of the lessons within the unit you are currently viewing to the right of your featured media. It looks like this:

While this absolutely improves course navigation, it also shrinks the size of your featured image or video. If you don't want to use the menu, you can disable it by setting Show Unit Navigation to No.

Show Lesson Completion Button

Zippy Courses allows students to track their course progression by marking units and lessons as complete. This adds a small check mark on the Course Details page of a course next to each unit and lesson the student has marked complete. This is a great way to remind yourself where you've left off.

Here's what the Mark Lesson Complete button looks like:

This feature supports several settings, such as location of the button and whether units and lessons are tracked or only lessons. To adjust those settings, return to the Customize menu, click Zippy Courses, and click Course Options.

If you do not want this button to display on your unit and lesson pages, though, set Show Lesson Complete Button to No.

Site Title URL

By default, the top left corner of your top menu displays your site name (which you can set by going to Site Identity from the Customize menu). This is replaced by your logo if you set a logo (which you can do by clicking the Logos tab in the Customize menu). Regardless of which option you're using, the Social Triggers theme allows you to set a URL that clicking on your site name or logo will bring your users to.

To set this, go to Site Title URL, and enter the URL of the page you wish to direct your users to in the Site Title URL field. When this field is empty, it defaults to your site's homepage.