Creating Multiple Tiers for Your Course

You don't always want to sell just one version of your online course. Sometimes, you want to offer a free access level to tease your students into wanting to know more, or you want to add some premium content for your VIP customers. In Zippy Courses, we make this process easy through our "Tiers" system, which lets you decide how much access to give a specific group of students.

Tiers allow you to subdivide a single course into different levels. This can be used to target content to a specific audience, or to provide additional lessons for students who are willing to pay a premium.

Tiers are created and edited on the Managing Units & Lessons tab of your Edit Course Page.

You can set as many tiers as you would like, but you must have at least one tier set.

Assigning Lessons to Tiers

Each lesson is individually assigned to a specific tier. If you wish to include a lesson in a specific tier, select the Permissons icon and check or uncheck permissions. View an example of a lesson's permissions below:

In the example above, the lesson is not available to the "Basic" Tier, but is available to both the "Advanced" and "Premium" tiers.

When you finish making these changes, click Update.

Setting Prices for Tiers

You can assign pricing in your Products menu. Under Products, select Add New Product to create a new product for your tier.

*Tip: You can also set multiple payment types for one tier, such as a Payment plan and a one-time payment

Then, set the price of your product, and select the appropriate Course/Tier to create your Tier-specific Product.

If you want to include multiple Tiers in one Product, check the Include multiple courses and tiers in this product option.

When you are finished, save your changes by pressing “Update." You can then add these pricing options to your course directory, or share the pricing links directly.