Zippy Courses Plugin Data Processing Agreement

Zippy Courses records certain actions and behaviors while your students participate in courses to help us deliver educational content effectively. Out of respect for your privacy and the privacy of your customers, we limit this information as much as possible, but some data collection is required to serve you as you learn.

Note that this agreement is specifically for the Zippy Courses WordPress Plugin. For the agreement for the Zippy Courses all-in-one platform, click here.

Data Processes

  • Zippy Courses receives payment data from your payment processor, including the Payment ID, the amount paid, and (if enabled) the billing address of the payment. This data is stored as part of your Order in Zippy Courses
  • When a student is registered for Zippy Courses, a WordPress user is created in the Zippy Courses site. This user is connected to any orders they have made, which determines the students access to courses.
  • When a user enrolls in a course or submits an opt-in form, the user's email address may be sent to a third party email service, such as MailChimp, AWeber, or ConvertKit for the purposes of adding a user to a mailing list. These services will send their own opt-in instructions to students. Users may decline to opt-in to a mailing list without losing access to a course.
  • While a student is on a page, Zippy Courses will track the time the student spends on a page. If enabled, the site will also track the IP address that the user was logged in from to help site owners detect and prevent fraudulent use of courses.

Third Party Data Sharing

  • All data processed by Zippy Courses remains on the website where the Zippy Courses WordPress plugin is installed. Personal data is not transmitted to or monitored by any third-party services run by Zippy Courses.
  • The exceptions to this rule are email and payment integrations specifically enabled by the site owner. In those cases, only the data necessary to process a transaction or add a student to a mailing list are sent. Site owners must authorize these integrations before any data is sent to these third parties.


Cookie Name Duration Purpose
Zippy Duration of Browser Session Tracks the Time spent on pages for analytics purposes