Setting Up Featured Media in Your Course

Zippy Courses upgrades WordPress' featured image functionality to also include support for featured videos. This allows you to prominently display videos and images at the top of your unit and lesson pages. You can also set a featured image for a course (on the Course Details and Public Details pages) so that it displays next to the course title on your Dashboard and Course Directory pages.

While you can embed videos or a header image directly into the post editor, we recommend that you make use of the Featured Media functionality, especially if your course content is delivered primarily through video.

Setting the Featured Image and Featured Video

To add featured media to a page, go to the unit or lesson page you wish to add it to, and locate the Featured Media panel on the right side of the screen.

To set a featured image, click the Set featured image link. The media library window will display, allowing you to upload an image or choose an existing one from your media library. Click the Select button to use the selected image as the featured image for that page.

To set a featured video, click on the Video tab, and paste the embed code from your video hosting service (such as Vimeo or Wistia) into the Embed Code field. Click out of the Embed Code field, and a preview image of your video will appear below that, if the embed code was correctly entered.

Note: The active tab determines which featured media to display. If you have set both a featured image and a featured video for a post, but the active tab is for the former, the featured image will be displayed on the unit or lesson page.

Click Update to save your changes to the page.

Where Featured Media is displayed

On Courses

Course pages display the featured media right after the course title. Featured videos are ideal for course overview type videos. Videos added under the Course Details tab of your course editor will only be viewable by students who have purchased your course on that course's Course Details page. When a video is added under the Public Details tab of your course editor, students will see it on the course's Public Details page.

Note: The Course Details page and Public Details page can be viewed by users by visiting the URL of the course. If the user is logged in to a student account, they will view the Course Details page. If they are not or do not have access to the course, they will view the Public Details page.

The featured image is also displayed as a thumbnail on the Course Directory and student Dashboard. Visit the Public Details tab to add or edit the image which displays on the Course Directory. Visit the Course Details tab to add or edit the image which displays on the Dashboard. Because of this, we recommend you always assign a featured image for courses.

On Units and Lessons

The featured video and image appear at the top of unit and lesson pages, stretching the full width of the content column. Featured media also display within the Unit Nav at the top of the page for themes that support the feature, like the Social Triggers theme. Only students who have access to the course will be able to see these unit and lesson videos.

The featured image is also displayed as a thumbnail in the list of lessons on the Course Details page.