How to Add PDFs, Audio files, and other Downloads to your Zippy Courses

When you're creating a course, you may find that some materials don't make sense to be integrated directly into your course content. You may have supplemental handouts, powerpoint presentations, or audio files that you want students to be able to download and reference. These files should be easy to find and reference in your course, but don't have to interrupt the flow of the rest of your content.

With Zippy Courses, it's a cinch to provide downloadable files to your students. Start by editing the Lesson ( Zippy Courses → Edit course → Manage Units & Lessons, and then click the "Edit" icon next to your lesson). Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Downloads options box.

Click the New File button and a field for the file will appear. Type in the file Title and choose a File Type. Then paste the URL to the file if hosted on an external server (e.g. Amazon S3) or use the Upload button to upload a file or re-use a file from the WordPress media library.

Save the Lesson, and the download links for the files will be displayed on the Lesson page. Depending on the theme you use, the download links may be styled as a simple list or as a buttons.

The Social Triggers theme includes special styling for your Downloads, and also moves the links/icons to the top of your page. This makes the Social triggers theme a great addition if you want to focus your theme design around your featured media and downloadable resources, since it puts them front-and-center on your site.