Granting Students Access to Courses

Sometimes, you will want to add a student to a course manually. For example, you may have collected an offline payment, want someone to be able to preview a course, or just test the student’s experience out for yourself.

Select or Add a Student

To manually add a student to a course, go to go to Zippy Courses -> Students. If you are creating a new student, select “Add New” and then enter the user’s information.

Once your student is added (if they were not already), select the student’s username and you will see a dashboard like the one below:

Granting Access to a Course

Under the Actions heading, select Grant Access to view a list of your available Products.

Note that you must have already created at least one product in order to grant access to your course. If you haven't created a product already,  this guide can explain how to create your first product.

Once you have selected your Product, click “Grant Access,” and the student will be given access to the Course or Purchase Option of your choice.