Editing your WordPress Sidebar and Footer

Your Zippy Courses and Social Triggers themes both offer support for special sidebar and footer Widgets. These widgets can be links to other pages on your site, custom menus, text, or special Zippy-Course related functions. Widgets can be placed in your site's sidebar, or in the left, middle, or right section of your footer.

You can manage the Widgets on your Zippy Course site by going to Appearance -> Customize and selecting the Widgets option.

By default, WordPress often adds several blog-specific widgets. You can leave these on your site if you would like, but in most cases you will want to remove these. You can select each widget and click “Remove” to disable these default widgets.

Then, select Add a Widget to add a new widget. The widgets labeled [Zippy Courses] are widgets unique to Zippy Courses. These are described below:

Zippy Course Widgets

  • Login/Account: Adds a login link when a student is logged out, and adds account management and dashboard links when a student is logged in.
  • Course Navigation: Adds a navigation menu when a student is viewing a course. When viewing the course page, this will show the courses units. If you are viewing a unit or lesson, you will see the lessons in your current unit.
  • Lesson Complete: Lets your student mark a lesson as complete. When the student is not in a lesson, this button will not appear.
  • Your Courses: Shows a list of a student’s purchased courses.
When you are finished editing your widgets, click "Save & Publish."