Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) About The Zippy Courses Plugin

The questions/answers in this guide are focused around common questions about the Zippy Courses WordPress plugin. For information on our "All In One" platform,  click here.

My Zippy Courses License says it’s already in use. How do I deactivate any other installations of my license?

To transfer your license to another domain, you just have to move your license from your old site to your new site. To do so, follow this guide:  Transferring your License to Another Domain

The download links I was emailed have expired. How do I download my files?

If you log in to, you will be able to download the Zippy Courses files after clicking View Details and Downloads on the account page.

How do I install the Zippy Courses Plugin?

Follow along with this video to install your Zippy Courses Plugin:  How do I install the Zippy Courses plugin?

Should I use a subdomain for my Zippy Course? How do I set up a subdomain?

With Zippy Courses, we recommend using a separate subdomain or website for your courses page. We believe your main blog should be made for attracting visitors and getting them to convert to email subscribers. And your second website or subdomain should be tailor-made for your students to consume and learn from your training material. On a technical level, you can have a course-specific theme, and you reduce the number of of plugins you need on any one site.

Most hosting sites will let you set up a subdomain at no cost. To find out how to create a subdomain, go to your web host's help documents, and search "create a subdomain." If you aren't able to find a resource to do this, contact your host or Zippy Courses support.

When I run a purchase through Paypal, I’m redirected to a blank page, or a thank you page that says “You’ve reached this page without completing a purchase.”

This issue is often caused by Paypal not sending back the correct payment information for your purchase. To fix this, you will have to update some Paypal Settings, and some Zippy Courses settings. Note: These Paypal options are only available to Paypal Business accounts.

In Paypal: When you are logged in to Paypal, look under Profile -> My Selling Tools-> Website Preferences, turn on AutoRedirect, and set the URL to your Thank You page on your Zippy courses site. Then, enable Payment Data Transfer on the same page and copy your PDT token. In Zippy Courses: Under Zippy Courses -> Settings -> Payment, the PayPal settings and paste the PDT token in the PDT token field, and enable PDT integration using the dropdown.

You may also want to make sure Instant Payment Notifications are enabled in paypal. To set your Payment Notifications, go to your profile, click on "My Selling Tools" and select "Instant Payment Notifications" (about halfway down the list).

Then, select "Choose IPN Settings" and select "Enable." For the "Notification URL", enter:  http://YOURSITE.COM/payment/notification/paypal - replacing with your Zippy Courses domain

I’ve created a course. Now how do I display and sell it?

To display and sell your course, you need to create a pricing option. This guide will explain how to create pricing options:  Selling Your Course

How do I set up my course directory?

If you want to set up a course directory to promote all of your published courses, follow this guide:  Setting up a Course Directory.

Why aren’t courses appearing on my course directory?

Usually this means either:

  1. You have not created a pricing option for this course
  2. The course has not been set to show on your directory.

View the  Selling Your Course guide for information on creating a pricing option, or the Setting up a Course Directory guide for information on setting your courses as public.

Why isn’t a link on my site working or redirecting properly?

If a link is not directing properly in Zippy Courses, the most common reason is your permalinks. Zippy Courses requires that you have non-default permalink set in your course.

To set your permalinks: Log in to WordPress, then go to Settings -> Permalinks and select the non-default option of your choice. Once this is done, most issues relating to your links will resolve. However, if they do not, contact

How do I customize my theme?

You can customize your theme's look and appearance by logging in to WordPress and clicking on Appearance -> Customize. This will give you a hands-on editor for adding a logo to your site, changing your site's colors, and managing your menu and sidebar/footer widgets.

How do I enable or disable comments?

You can toggle comments across your whole site by going to "Settings" -> "Discussion" in your WordPress admin panel and selecting "Allow people to post comments on new articles." However, pages that already have been created will need to be updated manually.

To do so, go to the the lesson or unit page, click Edit. Under the "Discussion" option, select or unselect "Allow Comments." If you can't see the discussion options by default: scroll to the top of the editor page, select Screen Options, and click Discussion from the dropdown.

Why aren't my system emails being delivered?

If emails still aren't getting delivered promptly or reliably, try adding a dedicated email service to your site. 

The easiest way to fix that is to set up a free account with a service like Sendgrid, and then use their WordPress plugin to send emails for your website. That way, their dedicated email sending service will send emails instead of your website, which should improve their deliverability rates.
To set that up, select the free plan from this page:
Then, install this plugin and add your Sendgrid account details:

This will make Zippy Courses/WordPress use Sendgrid to send your emails instead of your web host, which will have much better deliverability rates.

I logged in as a student and now I'm stuck. How do I log out?

When logged in as a student, you can log out by going to (replacing "" with your Zippy Courses site). This will log you out of any accounts, so you can log back in to your WordPress admin account.