Integrating with Your Email Provider

One of the best features of Zippy Courses is its email provider integrations. These allow your customers to automatically subscribe to an email list of yours after purchasing one of your courses, thereby allowing you to send them supplemental content, alerting them to when new content becomes available (particularly useful if you're using a drip schedule for a course), and opening the possibility of marketing future products to them! If that weren't enough, you can create unique email lists per course or per product, meaning your students are only receiving content relevant to them.

To set your email integrations, hover your mouse over the Zippy Courses tab, click on Settings, and go to Email Lists. Your Email Lists settings will let you integrate your email marketing tool of choice with Zippy Courses. Each of these tools requires specific logins or API keys in order to integrate with Zippy Courses. You can find guides to locating the necessary information below:

Add an Email List to a Course

Now that you've integrated with an email service, you can assign any email list you've created in it to a Zippy Courses course. Then when a student registers for the course, they will be subscribed to your mailing list. You can then set up email autoresponders or send email campaigns to your students through your email integration of choice.

This is a great idea if your course has a drip schedule. Create an email series that announces when new content becomes available and match the delivery schedule to the course's drip schedule to ensure that your students are keeping up with the material.

To assign an email list to a course, click the Zippy Courses tab, locate and click on the course you wish to add it to, and click the Email List tab.

Check the option Integrate email lists by Tier if you want to create tier-specific email lists for your course. This would allow you to, for example, have an email list for a "Free" tier of your course in which you mention the benefits of upgrading to a paid tier, along with a separate email list for your "Paid" course tier. If you want everyone to be added to the same email list, simply leave this option unchecked.

Add an Email List to a Product

Along with adding email lists to your courses, you can also add email lists to your products. That way, you can add students to an additional list based on which product they purchase on your site - making it easier to target people who have purchased a specific product.

This option works similar to the course email List: Hover your mouse over the Zippy Courses tab, click Products, and locate and click on the product you wish to add an email list to. Click the Email Lists tab, select the list you wish to assign to the product, and students will automatically be added when they purchase your product.

And that's all there is to it! From there, Zippy Courses will automatically manage your students' subscriptions to Zippy Courses, and you can use, edit, or monitor these mailing lists through your email provider's built-in analytics tools.

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