How to use Paypal to collect payments in Zippy Courses

For PayPal, you will typically only need one setting: your PayPal Email. This is the email that payments will be sent to, and it is the one that users will see at the time of checkout.

You can also choose to test your checkout process in Test Mode. Please note that this requires that you have test accounts set up on PayPal’s Developer Site, and that the email you use is from a test account as well.

Once you’ve set your PayPal Email, click Save and you are ready to move to the next section.

Optional Setting: PDT Token

Note that PDT Tokens require a Paypal Business Account

Depending on your Paypal account’s configuration, you may need to set some additional settings. If your PayPal purchases are ever not going through, you can follow these steps to enable Payment Data Transfer (PDT).

When you are logged in to Paypal, look under Profile -> My Selling Tools and click on Website Payment Preferences. 

Then, turn on  Auto Return. You can set the Return URL to any page you would like - Zippy Courses will override this setting automatically when completing a purchase using Zippy Courses. Then, enable Payment Data Transfer on the same page and copy your PDT token. 

Then, on your Zippy Courses site, under Zippy Courses -> Settings -> Payment, the PayPal settings and paste the PDT token in the PDT token field.