Importing Students using the CSV Student Importer

Sometimes, you will want to import a large number of students into your site. Creating individual accounts for each student can be time-consuming, requiring you to repetively enter student

Thankfully, Zippy Courses allows you to add a large amount of students at once using our CSV Importer. You can find this tool by going to the Importer/Exporter menu in Zippy Courses and selecting the CSV tab.

Download the sample CSV

The CSV Student Importer includes a sample file as a starting point for creating your CSV. You can open this file in Excel or LibreOffice, or edit it as a text file directly. Just make sure you save the final version of your file as a .csv, not a .xlsx or similar file extension.

Enter your data

For each student, you can enter an Email Address, First Name, and Last Name. If you don't have an ID number for the student, you can leave this column blank.  Users will have to reset their passwords once an account is created, so you don't set a password for them in the import process.

When you are ready, re-save this file as a .csv and return to your Zippy Courses site. Then, select your file using file uploader on the CSV Student Importer page, and click Upload.

Note: Zippy Courses will automatically notify these students that they have been added to your site, and send them a username/password. If you do not want students to be notified when importing your students, make sure to disable the "Registration" email in your System Email settings before importing.

Once you upload this file, if the upload is successful, you will see a confirmation page, where you can then assign these students to a course:

If you want to mass-assign all of these students to a product, select the product or products of your choice and click Submit. Then, all students in your upload will immediately be granted access to your products.

After that, your imported students will be managed the same as all other students - you can view them, edit their profiles, and assign them to additional courses in the Students menu.