Editing System Emails in Zippy Courses

System emails are the emails that are sent by your Zippy Courses site, such as the Registration (Welcome) email, the Forgot Password email, and the Purchase Receipt email. These emails are fully customizable and can be accessed by hovering your mouse over the Zippy Courses tab, clicking Settings, and clicking the System Emails tab.

On the General tab of your System Emails settings, you will see two fields:

  • Sender Email: This is the email address that all Zippy Courses system emails will be sent from. If it is left empty, it defaults to the admin email address. Make sure that you have access to the inbox of whatever email you enter here in case your students reply to your system emails.
  • Sender Name: This is the “From” name that all Zippy Courses system emails will be sent from. If it is left empty, it defaults to the name of your site as set in the WordPress General Settings.

Along with these general settings, there are six emails that will be sent to your users by Zippy Courses:

  • Registration: This is the message that your students will receive after they register a new student account on your site. Think of it as your Welcome email. Note: This email only sends when a new student account is created. Students will not receive this email every time they make a purchase.
  • Forgot Password: This email is sent to students who click the Forgot Password? link on your Login page. It contains a unique link which allows the user to reset their password.
  • Purchase Receipt: This is a receipt (and a customized Thank You message) that will be delivered to your customer as soon as they make a purchase.
  • Registration Reminder: When your Payment Settings are set for a student to pay before they register a new student account, this email is sent in addition to the Purchase Receipt email as a reminder for the student to create an account.
  • New Student Notification: This is an optional notification that can be sent to you (the site owner) when a student registers for one of your courses. By default, this notification is disabled.
  • Course Completion Notification: This is another optional notification that can be sent to you (the site owner) when a student completes one of your courses. Note: A course is considered completed when a student marks each unit and/or lesson (based on your settings) within the course as complete.

Zippy Courses sets up some intelligent defaults for you but can be edited to include your own personalized messages. 

Troubleshooting tip: If your system emails appear blank when installing Zippy Courses or you ever delete these messages, try disabling and re-enabling your plugin. That will re-add any blank system emails to your Zippy Courses site.

What to Do if Your Emails Are Not Being Received

If your students are telling you that they did not receive your emails, you should first instruct them to check their spam/junk folders. Occasionally, automated messages like your system emails will be filtered by an over-cautious filter.

However, If emails are consistently not being delivered promptly or reliably, try adding a dedicated email service to your site. Tools like Mandrill (free for up to 12k emails/month) or SendGrid (free for 30 days with support for up to 100 emails per day for free forever) and their WordPress plugins are designed to optimize the delivery of your emails.

You can download the appropriate plugin below. Once these are activated and your account details are entered, Zippy Courses will automatically use these providers to send emails.