Using Zippy Courses Analytics

Zippy Courses includes a robust  Analytics system, which tracks your students’ progress and tells you how your course is being experienced.

There are two ways to view your Course Analytics:

  • All Stats: If you want to see the activities for all of your courses in one global view, you would use All Stats.
  • Single Course: You can also view the same statistics, but filtered down for a single course.

The statistics available to you include the following metrics:

  • Views: How many views have been made, and for what Course content.
  • Completions: How many Lessons have been completed and what the Completion Conversion is for each Lesson, which allows you to see how Students are progressing through your Course.
  • Downloads: What files have been downloaded, and how many times they have been downloaded.

Viewing the Analytics

To access your Analytics, log into your WordPress Admin and click on the  Analytics link under the Zippy Courses section of your WordPress Admin menu.

Once on the page, the default view is set to  All Courses.  On the page, you will initially see two graphs:

  • New Students: The number of new Students that have joined your Courses in the last 30 days.
  • New Orders: The number of orders that have occurred over the last 30 days.

Using these three metrics over time, you will be able to predict how your site and Courses will perform for you financially.

Viewing Analytics for a Single Course

At the top of the  Analytics Page, look for the dropdown next to the Course Analytics heading.  This dropdown is a list of all of your courses and defaults to All Courses.  To change the analytics that you are looking at to show a single Course, simply use the dropdown to select the Course that you would like to view.  As soon as you make the change, the analytics will update to reflect your selection.