How to add a Forum to your Zippy Courses using bbPress

Zippy Courses uses bbPress to let you easily Add a Forum to your Course. You can create public forums, or forums exclusively for your Course Members. You can even create a premium tier of your course that grants your students exclusive access to your course.

Getting Started

Before you can add a forum, you will have to install bbPress on your site. You can either download it here, or search for bbPress in WordPress’s plugin browser.

Once bbPress is installed and activated, you will see three new bbPress icons in your Sidebar: Forums, Topics, and Replies. To create your forum, select “Forums”.

When you first load bbPress, you won’t have any forums created. To create a forum, select the New Forum button.

Then, you can add a title and description to your forum.

Controlling Forum Access

Once you have set up your forum, scroll down to the box titled Zippy Courses Permissions. By default, your new forum won’t be restricted - anybody will be able to sign up. If you wish for your forum to be restricted to your course’s students, select “Yes” in the dropdown.

Then, you will see a list of your available courses, along with all of the tiers you have created. If you want to give every tier access, just select Toggle All Tiers. This will select every tier for your course.

However, if you want to limit your forum access to a specific tier, simply select the tiers that can access your forum.

Once you are finished, click Publish. Just like that, your new forum will be created.

Viewing the forum

Just like with WordPress posts or pages, you can view your forum by selecting View Forum. If you are using the Zippy Courses or Social Triggers themes, these forums will already be styled and designed to integrate with your website.

Now, if someone attempts to access your forum without having access to the tiers you set, they will receive a warning message.