How to Change and Customize the Zippy Courses Core Pages

Your core pages are where most of your Zippy Courses actions take place. These include pages like your Login page, the Password Reset page, and the Dashboard page. When you first install Zippy Courses, the plugin creates these pages on your WordPress site and applies the appropriate code to that page so that it performs the necessary functions. However, if you ever want to change these, you can go to Zippy Courses -> Settings -> Core Pages in the WordPress dashboard to select a different page.

Changing your Core Pages

When Zippy Courses is installed, it creates every page that is required for it to function and assigns them as a core page. But maybe you would like to rename the Course Directory page or you've built your own Course Directory with an introduction to your courses that you'd like to use instead of the default page. With core pages, you have the power to do so!

To access your core page settings, click on the Settings link in the Zippy Courses menu, then click on the Core Pages tab.

On this page, you will see a list of every core page available to you. Next to each of these page descriptions, you will see a dropdown menu of all of your pages in your WordPress installation.

To update a core page, make sure that the page you want to assign as a core page has been created. Select it from the dropdown menu next to the core page you are assigning it to. Repeat this process for all core pages you would like to update.

Below you can see typical examples of each of Zippy Courses core pages:


The Dashboard page is the first page students will see after they log in and shows a list of all of the courses they have access to.


The Account page is where a student can view their account details and view their order history.

Edit Account

The Edit Account page is where students can edit their account details. From here, they can change their profile information and reset their passwords.

Order History

The Order History page is where students will be able to view their purchases and view ongoing subscriptions.

Buy Now

The Buy Now page is the template for your products. While no products will appear on this page, content on this page will appear on the product links you create.

Note: We recommend that you do not edit or reassign this page.

Thank You

The Thank You page is the page that students will see after paying for their courses. This page will link students to the Register page or to the Login page where they can claim their order, which allows them to access the course they purchased.

Forgot Password 

The Forgot Password page is where students go to initiate the password reset process. This page is accessible from your Login page by clicking the Forgot Password? link.

Reset Password 

The Reset Password page is where users will be able to reset their passwords after they have requested a password reset. This page is viewable only when a student clicks on the "Reset Password" link emailed to them after submitting their username/email address on the Forgot Password page.

Course Directory 

Your site's Course Directory page. This is the page where you can showcase all of your public courses and products.

Adding Content to the Core Pages

Every core page can be modified to suit your site’s needs. For most pages, anything you add to your core page will appear at the top of the page.

For example, if we add the text “Welcome to your Course Directory” to the Course Directory page, your course directory will display like this:

Customizing Your Thank You Page

The one exception to the description above is your Thank You page. Due to the way this page grants access to your courses, any customizations will completely erase the Thank You page’s text.

For example, when we add this custom message to our Thank You page:

Our Thank You page is completely blank, including the links our students use to register and sign in, except for the new text!

However, you can still customize the Thank You page.  To get your buttons back, you can add some custom shortcodes to add the "Register" and "Log In" buttons back to your Thank You page. 

To Register: [zippy_button type="register" style="primary"] 

To Log In: [zippy_button type="register-login"]

If you paste these into your Thank You Page content, like this:

These will create the necessary links to let a student register for your course after completing their purchase.

With that in mind, you are free to customize your core pages however you see fit! Or, if you are happy with the default setup of your core pages, you can leave these blank and let Zippy Courses do all the work for you.