How to Add your Zippy Courses License Key

Getting Your License

To retrieve your license key, visit your Zippy Courses Account Page.

On this page, look for your Purchase History.

In this list of your purchases, there is a link for each item called “Downloads and Details”. Click on it.

On this page, you will see a record of your transaction, including your License Key for Zippy Courses.

We recommend that you select and copy your License Key before moving to the next step.

Adding Your License Key to Zippy Courses

First, log into your WordPress Admin Dashboard. Next, under the Zippy Courses section of your WordPress Admin Menu, click on Settings.

On the settings page, there is a single field for your License Key. Type or copy and paste your License Key into this field and click on Save Changes.

That’s it! Your license key should be ready to go, allowing you to receive updates!