Exporting and Importing your Zippy Courses Content

We know you spend a lot of time working on your Zippy Courses. You want to make sure that these courses are backed up safely, and that you can take them with you if you ever change sites.

Zippy courses offers a handy import/export tool that lets you create an offline backup of your Zippy Courses. You can import this into a new website, or simply store this offline in case anything bad ever happens to your current website.

Disclaimer: Zippy Courses’s Import/Export feature is not a substitute for regular, full-site backups. We encourage you to consider running regular backups on your entire site, especially if your WordPress site contains information essential to your business or company.

Creating your first export

To get started, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard and navigate to Zippy Courses -> Import/Export.

To use the exporter, click on the Export tab. This page has two options:

  • All Data: Creates an export of all of your Students, Courses, Units, Lessons, Pricing Options, Quizzes, Orders and Payments.
  • Students: Creates an export of just your students. This file can be used to export students from a particular course or product, or all of your students, so that you can import their personal data into other systems.

For now, we will focus on the All Data option. Click on the Download Export File button to download a special Zippy Courses file.

After a few seconds a file titled zippy-courses.json will appear in your downloads folder. You can open the file to see your course information, stored in a computer readable format.

If you want to store this file as a backup, you can leave it on your computer, save it to Dropbox, or store it with the rest of your backups.

Importing your Site Data

If you ever need to import your site data back into Zippy Courses, you can find the importer tab on the same page as the export tab.

From here, you can upload your zippy-course.json file to automatically add your course data to your site.

Important: After the import has completed, please notify your students and tell them to change their passwords. You can send them to your Forgot Password core page so that they can update their password.

Once the upload is complete, you will see a success message summarizing all of the data that were imported.

If you have images to import as well, you will need to select the Import Image option as well. Note that this is CPU and bandwidth intensive, so the import may take some time.

After your site is imported, you will want to review your courses to ensure all of your content was imported correctly. If any of your links have changed, you will need to update these manually.