Using ClickBank as Your Payment Gateway

Zippy Courses allows for easy integration with ClickBank. Once your Zippy Courses site is connected with ClickBank, all of your purchases and payments will be managed by your ClickBank account. Once payment is complete, students will be redirected back to your Zippy Courses site and granted access to your course.

Getting API Keys from your ClickBank account

1. Log in to your ClickBank Account.

2. Click on the My Account tab under Settings.

3. Scroll down to the Clerk API Keys, and click Edit.

4. Select the Create New Clerk User API Key button.

5. Add a description, and select the options to give your API Key access to your Orders. Then click “Save".

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the Developer API Key.

7. Once these have been generated, click on My Site, scroll down to the Secret Key, and click Edit.

8. Enter a secret key. This key can be up to 16 characters. Then click "Request Access" under the "Instant Notification URL"

9. Complete the form, indicating "Yes" for each option, and clicking "I Accept" in the terms of service agreement.

10. Once you select Save Changes, add your payment notification url. This will be

Creating your product

1. Select My Products from the main menu, and select the button to add a new Product.

2. Enter your product details. Make sure you enter the correct pricing information for your product. For the “Thank you Page URL”, insert your site’s Thank You page, as set in your core pages.

3. Click Save Product.

Integrating with Zippy Courses

Once those steps are completed, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Zippy Courses -> Settings -> Payment, and click on ClickBank. Then, enter the API Key and Secret Key you generated above.

When you are finished, select Save Changes. Then, under General Settings, set your Payment Method to ClickBank.

Linking your product and pricing option

Now, all that’s left is to link your Zippy Courses pricing option to your ClickBank product.

Create a Product in Zippy Courses if you haven’t already, and create a product with the same information as your ClickBank product. Then, select your ClickBank product from the dropdown menu. When this is done, save your course.

Once this is done, your buy links will direct students to your ClickBank page. When their purchase is complete, they will be sent back to your Thank You page and granted access to your course.