Integrating with ActiveCampaign

If you use ActiveCampaign to manage your email campaigns and autoresponders, you can integrate your account with your Zippy Courses site. Once an email provider is integrated with your Zippy Courses site, you can assign email lists to specific courses or products so that new customers are automatically added to them. This makes notifying your students about updates to the course or when new content becomes available according to a drip schedule extremely easy.

Integrating Zippy Courses with ActiveCampaign is fast and easy, and makes it super simple to add Zippy Courses to your current digital marketing workflow, without having to learn another email marketing or design tool.

Get Account Information From ActiveCampaign

First, log in to your ActiveCampaign account, click the Settings tab in the navigation menu (on the left side of your dashboard), then click the Developer tab. Find the URL and Key fields in the API Access panel, and save them somewhere easily accessible.

Enter API Information in Zippy Courses

Next, log in to your Zippy Courses site, hover your mouse over the Zippy Courses tab, and click on Settings. Click the Email List tab, and click on Active Campaign.

Set Enabled? to Yes, and enter your API URL and API Key in the appropriate fields. Once that's taken care of, click Save Changes, and you're done. Your ActiveCampaign account and your Zippy Courses site are now integrated!

All that's left is to...

Assign an Email List to a Course

To integrate an email list with your course, click the Zippy Courses tab again, locate and click on the course you wish to add an email list to, and click on the Email Lists tab. Select the appropriate contact list from the dropdown menu in the ActiveCampaign panel, and click Update.

And you’re all set! Zippy Courses will automatically subscribe new students to this mailing list, making it easy for you to promote your course and future campaigns to your course’s mailing list.