How to Create and Sell Products in Zippy Courses

In Zippy Courses, you can create and sell products that include one or several different courses.

Note: If you used the Zippy Courses plugin before version 1.0.0, all of your pricing options are now Products! Products are now used for both bundles and individual courses.

To begin creating a product, you must already have at least one course created. When your course is ready to sell, select Products under the Zippy Courses menu.

Then, select Add New to create a new product

Enter the description of your product in the main editor window. This is a great place to tell your students what is included in your product, including any courses, forums, or other on-site content.

Then, set your Pricing information in the Pricing panel. For free products, you can set your product to Free, or you can set up a single payment, payment plan, or subscription model.

Finally, make sure you set a specific course or set of courses that your students can access in the Access panel.

Note: Set both a Course and a Tier in the Access panel, or your customers will not gain access to the course materials after purchase.

If you check Include multiple courses and tiers in this product, you are able to add more than one course to a product.

Once your product is complete, hit Publish. On the frontend of your site, your product will look like this:

You can now send students directly to this product to purchase your course, or you can send students to your  Course Directory to view all of the courses you have available.

Tip: You can update the products associated with a course at any time. Changes to these products will affect all students who have already purchased this product.

Optional: Launch Windows

You can also set specific launch windows for your pricing option in the Launch Windows tab. These launch windows will let you determine when your pricing option opens, closes, and when the students would start their course.

Learn more about Launch Windows in this guide.

Optional: Email List

If you've already created your course, you may have already set up an Email List to be integrated with your course. However, you can also create product-specific email lists under the "Email List" tab. Adding an email list to your product works the same as adding an email list to your Course. Any students who purchase this product will be added to your mailing list(or sent a request to opt-in, if you're using a double optin email integration).

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