How to Duplicate or Add Content from other Courses

Imagine you’re selling a new online course, and you want to include some content from a course that already exists. For example, you might have a general “Social Media” course that includes an unit on Pinterest. In the future, you may want to use that unit as a starting point for an entirely new course. 
Traditionally, you might have to copy/paste all of your course content into a new course in order to re-use content, but Zippy Courses gives you some special tools to make this transition easy.

Duplicating Units and Lessons

If you want to add existing lessons to a course, first select the course from your Zippy Courses Dashboard, then select the Units and Lessons Tab

From here, you can choose to either add a new lesson, a new unit, or add existing content. Click on the Add Existing Content button to view your site’s available content.

By default, this menu has two Modes:
  • Import Mode: Allows you to duplicate content that is part of an existing course.
  • Add Mode: Allows you to add content that isn’t part of another course. This includes content that may have been deleted from previous courses.
Assuming we want content that’s in an existing, active course, make sure Import Mode is selected.
You can then add existing content of any type to your course. In this instance, let’s assume we only want a Lesson, so we can click on the Lessons tab.

We can then select the lesson or lessons we want to import, and click Add to Course to add them to our existing course.

This creates a unique copy of the Zippy Courses Lesson, so you can make modifications to this version of the lesson, and your original lesson will be unaffected.

Duplicating an Entire Course

Zippy Courses gives you the ability to quickly make copies of your entire course as well. To do this, first select the course you want to duplicate:

Then, click the Duplicate Course button near the top of the screen. This will create a complete copy of your existing course, including any units and lessons. 

You may wish to re-name your duplicated course, so that you can more easily keep track of which version you’re editing. You can make modifications to your duplicated course exactly like you would to any other Zippy Course - so you can add new lessons, modify existing lessons, and create unique Products and prices for your duplicated course.