How to track Affiliates with AffiliateWP and Zippy Courses

Affiliates are a great way to promote your courses and build mutually beneficial relationships with people who can promote and sell your courses to other prospective students. Affiliates can increase your overall revenue, grow your email lists, and help promote your courses to entirely new professional networks.

Zippy Courses integrates with the popular affiliate plugin AffiliateWP. When you install this plugin on your Zippy Courses site, you’ll gain the ability to register students as Affiliates, set Referral Rates, and track records of payments for affiliates.

Install the Plugin

First, you will need to purchase an AffiliateWP license from Once you register for a license and install the plugin, you can check out AffiliateWP’s “Getting Started” guide to learn how to set up your affiliate tools.

If you have any trouble setting up the AffiliateWP plugin itself, you can contact the AffiliateWP support team.

Enable Integration with Zippy Courses

In order to use Zippy Courses with the AffiliateWP plugin, you have to enable Zippy Courses as an AffiliateWP integration. To do that, click on Affiliates tab in your WordPress dashboard.

Then, click on the Settings tab. Under the Integrations system, enable Zippy Courses.

Set which products can be sold via affiliates

By default, all of your products will be integrated with your affiliate system at your default referral rate. If you want to set settings for specific products from your affiliate system, select that product from your Products tab. Then, set any custom settings under the Affiliate Settings box in your Product Details tab.

You can set a custom referral rate in this settings box, or exclude that product from your affiliates system.

Add affiliates or allow students to register as affiliates

If you want students to be able to register as affiliates on your site, select the Misc tab in your AffiliateWP settings.

Then, enable Should affiliates be able to register accounts for themselves?. Optionally, you can also require that all affiliates be approved before they can earn referrals, or you can automatically register anyone who registers for your site as an affiliate. 

If you want to manually add affiliates to your site, click on the Affiliates tab and select Add New.

Then, either create a new account for your affiliate, or locate an existing user account. This will allow that user account to begin earning referrals using their affiliate referral links.