How do I install the Zippy Courses theme?

Getting the Zippy Courses Theme

First, visit, and log in using the credentials you created during the checkout process.

Visit your Account Page, and from there, click on your Purchases.

Next to your purchase of Zippy Courses, you will see a link to download the Zippy Courses theme. Download this .zip file.

Installing the Zippy Courses Theme

Once you have the file, visit the site you would like to use the theme on (where you have Zippy Courses installed or will be installing Zippy Courses).

Log in to the WordPress Admin of your site.

In the WordPress Admin menu, click on Themes under the Appearances section.  At the top of your Themes Page, click on Add New.

Next to the  Add Themes heading near the top of the page, click the Upload Theme button.

Use the file chooser on the next page to select the zip file of the Zippy Courses Theme that you downloaded earlier. Once you have selected the file, click the Install Now button.

After installation is completed, click the Activate Theme button.

Et voila! The Zippy Courses Theme has been installed. Feel free to visit your home page to see the new paint job.