How to Add Non-Course Pages and Resources to your Zippy Courses

The core of most courses you create will be your  Units and your Lessons, but you can also create WordPress pages, forums, or other resources that can only be accessed by students. Zippy Courses lets you integrate all sorts of other content from your site into your course, including blog posts, resource pages, forums, and even units and lessons from other courses.

Adding these resources to your course is a snap using the Zippy Courses  Additional Content tab in your course editor. To access this tool, go to Zippy Courses, click Edit next to your course name, and select the Additional Content tab.

Using the "Additional Content" tool

By default, no content will be included your Additional Content tab. To add your first piece of content, select the  Add Content button.

Clicking this button will bring up a list of all of the content in your site. If you have a bbPress forum integrated into your site, you will also see a list of all of your site's  Forums and Topics.

Once you have added the additional content to your site, click "Update" on your course editor to save those changes.

How students view additional content

By default, the  Additional Content for your course isn't included on your course page, so you have a few ways to integrate this content into your site.

  • Add the content to your menu: Adding additional content to your menu will give students easy access to the bonus resources you add to the course. Zippy Courses will automatically detect whether or not a student has access to a specific piece of content, and only display the menu item if the student has access.
  • Include a link in your course page: When editing your course page, you can add direct links to your bonus resources. Adding this resource to your course list will give students easy access to the course content you add.
  • Share the content via a blog: If you have a student-focused blog, then sharing additional content via your blog is a great way to encourage students to log in and check out your course content.

Additional Resources