How to Create Direct Checkout Links in Zippy Courses

When you’re selling an online course, you want to make your payment process quick and painless. The more clicks between your product and your customers, the less likely they are to purchase.

Zippy Courses makes streamlining the checkout process simple. With our Direct Checkout Links, you can send a student straight to your Paypal payment page, your Stripe/ credit card form, your your Infusionsoft/ClickBank/Ontraport order form.

Creating a Direct Checkout Link

Creating a direct checkout link is simple. If you’ve already created your product, first go to Zippy CoursesProducts in your WordPress dashboard to locate your product link.

Then click on View to go directly to this link. With most payment integrations, this will take you to a page that looks like this:

That page is great if you want to create a special sales page for your product on Zippy Courses, but you don’t always need that. If you want to go straight to your order form, you can modify this URL slightly to send students straight to checkout.

So if your normal Product URL is:, you can make this link a Direct Checkout link by adding ?buy-now to the end of this link. 

So for our example product, your link would become

When you use that link, you will skip the Sales page and go straight to your payment processor. For example, with Paypal you will be sent straight to Paypal:

Tip: Direct checkout links will only work when you’re logging in as a student, or logged out of your site. So Administrator accounts will still be sent to your normal product page when using these links. Keep that in mind when testing out this new feature!

When to use a Direct Checkout Link

Direct Checkout links are a useful tool when a student already knows what product they are purchasing. For example, if you already made a sales page on another website, such as with a tool like Leadpages, then you can include all of the necessary product information on your sales page, and then link students directly to your checkout page to process their payment.

On the other hand, if your student has not yet been sent to a sales page, you may be better off sending them to your normal product page instead. Otherwise, they may reach Paypal or your checkout page without fully understanding what they’re purchasing, which can be confusing or frustrating for the student. Asking for feedback from early users of your product can be very helpful in determining whether Direct Checkout links could benefit your sales process.