Using Zippy Courses with LeadPages

Sales pages are integral to converting leads into registered students for your online course. You want your sales pages to be eye-catching, have high conversion rates, and provide information students needs to purchase your online course.

Zippy Courses is great for helping students purchase and view online courses, but to create a truly amazing sales page, we recommend enlisting the help of a dedicated sales page tool. To make a great sales page, look no further than LeadPages.

Zippy Courses and Leadpages make a great team for helping you sell online courses. Your students will be drawn in by your eye-catching sales page and your conversion-focused sales copy, and then naturally be directed to purchase and register for your Zippy Course. 

To start with, you can go over to and register for an account. Once you have created an account in LeadPages, you can sync this account up with your Zippy Courses website to sell your courses.

Create your Leadpages sales page

If you’re new to Leadpages, you may want to check out their Quick Start Video to learn how to begin creating your sales page. Once you’re ready to begin creating your course sales page, select a template to start with and begin adding your sales copy.

Linking to your Zippy Courses Product

The ultimate goal of your LeadPages sales page is to have a student purchase your course. That means that you’ll want to use the Product URL for your Course to allow students to purchase and register for your course. This is also how you guide people from your sales page to their student dashboard and main course pages.

If you’ve already created your product, first go to Zippy Courses → Products in your WordPress dashboard to locate your product link.

Then click on View to go directly to your Product page. Copy this URL, and paste that into your LeadPages sales link. This will send your Leadpages users to your Product page, where they can click Buy Now to register for your course.

Optional: Use a Direct Checkout Link

If you want students to see your product page before checking out, then you don't need to do anything else. If you're using Stripe or to have students pay by credit card, your product page is exactly where you want to send them. However, with certain payment providers, students have to click through this product page to actually pay for your course. With payment integrations like Paypal, your product page will look like this:

That page is great if you want to create a special sales page for your product on Zippy Courses, but you don’t always need that. Since you're already making a sales page in LeadPages, we can bypass this page entirely. If you want to go straight to your order form, you can modify this URL slightly to send students straight to checkout. To do this, we will create a Direct Checkout link. These links are created by taking a normal product link, and adding ?buy-now to the end of your URL.

So if your normal Product URL is:, you can make this link a Direct Checkout link by adding ?buy-now to the end of this link. Your link would become That tells Zippy Courses to skip the Product page and take your students straight to checkout.

Then, add this link in your Leadpages Call to Action buttons or links, and you're all set!

When you use that link, you will skip the Sales page and go straight to your payment processor. For example, with Paypal you will be sent straight to Paypal:

This is a great way to minimize the number of clicks a student has to make, so they can go straight from your LeadPages landing page to your Zippy Courses checkout.

When you are done with this process, click the Save Button, then click Publish to create your sales page.

Installing the LeadPages Plugin in WordPress

Now that your page is ready, it’s time to add the page to your Zippy Courses website! To do so, you will need to install and activate the LeadPages Connector plugin. A guide to installing this plugin is available from LeadPages.

One that plugin is installed, click on the LeadPages tab to connect your Leadpages page to your Zippy Course.

Note: Make sure you don’t override one of your Zippy Courses Core Pages with the URL of your LeadPage! If you are using your Dashboard or Login page as your site’s homepage, be sure that your LeadPages are used in a different page of your site instead.

Once that’s done, your page will display on your Zippy Courses site, and serve as a great tool for promoting and selling your online course! You can edit this page at any time from your LeadPages account, and your changes will automatically be reflected in your Zippy Courses site.