Using SamCart as Your Payment Gateway

SamCart is an easy-to-use checkout system that lets you provide your students with elegant checkout forms that include a variety of upsell and downsell options. As of version 1.2.0 of the Zippy Courses plugin, you can now connect your SamCart account with Zippy Courses, and sell your Zippy Courses using a SamCart checkout form.

Note: Due to some limitations in SamCart's API, the Zippy Courses SamCart integration works slightly different than other Zippy Courses payment integrations. Students will not have access automatically revoked when payment plans or subscriptions are cancelled. Also, students will have to use a link emailed to them to register for your course and will not be able to register from your site's "Thank You" page. 

Adding your SamCart Product to Zippy Courses

1. Set your "Notify URL" in your SamCart Product

In your Product settings, select the Advanced Tab. Scroll down to the option labeled Notification URL, and enter the following URL:

Replacing "" with your Zippy Courses site's URL.

Note: The domain you replace with must match your domain exactly. If you have an SSL certificate installed on your site, you'll need to use https:// instead of http://. Even a small difference like that may lead to issues with your orders.

Be sure to include any subdomains or subdirectories that are included in your Zippy Courses URL.

2. Locate and copy your SamCart Product's ID Number and Link

Now that you have set up your notifications in SamCart, you will need to let Zippy Courses know what product in Zippy Courses should correspond with your SamCart product. To set this up, you need to find your Product ID.

To find your product ID, select your product, and look for a number in your Product URL.

Copy this product ID and your Product URL, then return to your Zippy Courses site.

3. Enable SamCart as your Payment Provider

Under Zippy Courses → Settings → Payment, set your Payment Method to SamCart

4. Add this Product ID Number and Link to Zippy Courses

Under Zippy Courses → Products, select an existing product or create a new product. 

Scroll down to the SamCart Product box, and enter your SamCart Product ID and Product URL.

Then, press Update or Publish to save your changes.

How the Integration Works

Once SamCart is integrated, whenever a student purchases your SamCart product, SamCart sends a notification to your Zippy Courses site. Then, Zippy Courses creates an order for your new student and sends the Registration Reminder email that is set up in your Zippy Courses System Emails. Learn about editing these System Emails here. Then, students will use the link in that email to create an account on your site and gain access to your course.