Helping students keep track of their course progress

Zippy Courses includes the ability for students to track their own progress in a course. Students can track how far they've made it through your course, and mark lessons as complete to track their progress. This helps keep your students engaged and encourages them to complete the course.

Completion percentages are determined by the number of lessons and units that a student has marked as complete. For example, if a student marks 5 of 10 lessons in your site as complete, they will see that they have completed 50 percent of your course.

The Complete Lesson button can be added to your site in a few different ways. The Social Triggers theme includes this button at the top of each lesson in your site.

If you're using the Zippy Courses theme, or you are using your own custom theme, you can add this button through a few different methods:

Set the "Lesson Completion Button Location"

The easiest way to add completion buttons to all of the units and lessons in your course is to enable the Lesson Completion Button Location option in your Zippy Courses theme customizer. This option is set by logging into your WordPress dashbard, and selecting the Customize page under Appearance. This will open your site's theme customizer.

Then, select the Zippy Courses option.

Under the Course Options tab, you can set your Lesson completion button to appear at the top of your course, at the bottom of your course, or in both locations.

Add the "Complete Entry" Widget

If you want to include this button in the sidebar instead of your course content, Zippy Courses includes a sidebar or footer widget that you can add to any widget area in your site.

You can find this widget option under AppearanceWidgets, and select the widget labeled [Zippy Courses] Complete Entry.

This widget will automatically add a Complete Lesson button to each unit or lesson page in your site. On non-lesson and non-unit pages, this button will be hidden.

Add the [zippy_complete_lesson] Shortcode

If you want to add your complete lesson button anywhere in your page, you can add the [zippy_complete_lesson] shortcode anywhere in your site.

This could be useful if you want to include a reference to the Complete Lesson button in the copy of your lesson.

Disabling the Completion Tracker

If you would rather not show a completion percentage in your course, you can disable this percentage from within the Zippy Courses theme customizer. This option is under AppearanceCustomize in your WordPress dashboard.

Under Zippy CoursesCourse Options, turn off Show Progress. That will remove the completion percentage from your course page.