Adding a Course-Specific Header Image to Your Course Using the Social Triggers Theme

One of the many features of our Social Triggers theme is the ability to set your own custom header logo for your website. This lets you replace a standard text header like this:

With a more creative and eye-catching logo, like this:

If your business already has a logo, you can incorporate that logo with your Social Triggers page. If you haven’t already added a logo for your site, you can set a logo by going to AppearanceCustomize in your WordPress dashboard, clicking on the Logos setting, and adding a Header logo. Once you’ve added your logo, click Publish to add this logo to your site.

Once you add a logo, the logo will be added to every page of your site. But what if you want a custom logo for your courses? For example, maybe you want to have your generic site logo for your shared pages, but you want to make it obvious when a student is looking at a lesson within a specific course.

The Social Triggers theme includes a quick and easy method for adding a course-specific logo. This is an effective tool for branding your individual courses, while retaining a more generic brand for the rest of your site.

Note: This feature is currently only available in the premium Social Triggers theme. If you don’t have access to our premium theme, contact us for information on upgrading your Zippy Courses account.

Adding a Course-Specific Header Image

To add a course-specific header image to one of your courses, click Zippy Courses in the WordPress Admin sidebar, and click Edit next to the course you wish to add the header to.

On the first tab of the course editor, you will see a box labeled Header Image. To add a custom image, click the Add Image button.

This will open your Media Library. From here, you can add a new image to your site or choose an image you have already uploaded.

Note: Just like the standard header image, we recommend having this image be at least 600px wide. The image can be as tall as you would like, and the image will automatically scale down on mobile devices.

Once you select an image, you will see a preview in the Header Image box. Once you're satisfied, click Update to save this image.

If you want to remove this image at any time, click Clear to remove the selected image. If no image is selected, your course will show your site’s default header image.

What Your Students Will See

If you add a custom header image to your course, your standard header will still show on all Zippy Courses core pages, as well as any page not affiliated with your course.

For example, the Dashboard core page will still show the standard header image:

However, when we click on the course’s name, we’ll then see the custom header image we added to our course.

This image will be seen on all course, unit, lesson, and quiz pages associated with this course. You can set a different header image for each course, so you can use that tool to easily add custom branding to each of the courses on your site.

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