Adding a Certificate of Completion to your Course

When a student finishes a course, they often appreciate having some sort of record that celebrates their accomplishment. That’s why Zippy Courses includes a feature that allows you to add a Certificate of Completion to any Course in your Zippy Courses site.

Certificates are especially valuable in professional environments. A certificate of completion can act as verification to an employer or company that they have gone through your training process, and being able to provide this validation adds value to both the student’s experience, and to your course as a whole.

When a certificate of completion is added to your course, then any student who finishes your entire course can download a PDF certificate to show off their accomplishments to their friends and colleagues.

To add a Certificate of Completion to your course, click Edit next to your course in your Zippy Courses WordPress admin menu, and then click on the Units & Lessons tab.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the Certificate of Completion setting. To add the certificate to your course, select the Add Certificate of Completion to this Course? option. This will reveal some additional customization options.

You can add three separate pieces of text to your certificate:

  1. Certificate Title: This is the main header of your Certificate of Completion. By default, this will say “Certificate of Completion”, but you can modify this header to display a different heading if you’d like.
  2. Institution Name: This is the name of the “institution” that is granting the certificate for your course. By default, this is set to the name of your website. However, if you have a different title for your business, you can use an alternative institution Name instead.
  3. Instructor Name: This is the course administrator’s name that will be signed on your certificate. Enter your own name here, or the name of the lead instructor of your course.

Once you have entered these options, you can click Preview Certificate to download a sample version of your certificate. Here is an example of what the certificate will look like:

When you are satisfied with the settings of your certificate, click Update to save the changes to your course.

Downloading the certificate as a student

Students will be able to download the completion certificate for your site if they meet the following two criteria:

  1. The student can access and view the final unit or lesson of your course.
  2. The students have viewed every unit and lesson in your course.

If the student meets those requirements, they will see a Download Certificate button on the final lesson of their course.

The student can then download this certificate as often as they would like, and will retain access to the certificate as long as they are able to access your course.